About Us

Memsaab Boutique is one of the UK's largest independent Asian fashion retailer since 1997. We strive in providing our customers with quality goods and a quality service.

Memsaab story began in 1998, the word Memsaab is derived from Urdu language which means posh lady. At Memsaab we want every lady to feel pampered and feel a sense of prestige. Memsaab is the UK largest independent Asian fashion outlet from luxury Asian designer brands clothing to beautiful the accessories such as jewellery, designer bags and shoes. Memsaab offers this service by providing high-end Asian clothing with garments that are modern yet modest. Our substantial collections allow you to feel comfortable for any occasion at any time time of day.

We understand that in today’s post-recessionary climate price is one of the key factors to our customers. That is why all our items are reasonably priced and affordable for everyone. Our diverse range, has the ability to supply high quality products at affordable prices and our emphasis on customer satisfaction make us your one-stop shop for Asian women clothing.

If you have any suggestions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us on info@memsaabonline.com

To order by phone call us on 01582 415454 from 10am-6pm or visit our Website www.memsaabonline.com